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This Visual Studio 2005 Package allows users to create a “System Definition Model (SDM) Component” project that acts like any other project in the Visual Studio solution. It consumes the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 SDK command line tools and MSBuild tasks for compiling custom components. This package provides the following functionality:

1. Allows to create new VS 2005 project type with MSBuild support
2. Allows to create six types of SDM objects: SDM Logical Server System, SDM Application System, SDM Resource, SDM Endpoint, Custom Constraint on a Setting and SDM Flow
3. Sets up Visual Studio 2005 to use the newly created system
4. Installs the SDM prototype for the newly created system
5. Allows to modify all parameters for SdmC, SdmProtoGen and SdmG command line tool as it’s done for the C# compilation command line tool
6. Supports .sdmDocument file and “SDM Component” project references
7. Provides Domain-Specific Language DirectiveProcessor class implementation for an SDM model
8. Allows to use Domain-Specific Language Text Templates for Generation of artifacts from SDM model

Software architects and developers who follow the Software Factory approach, create and consume models in the development process are the target audience for this tool. We believe that the package can greatly simplify the development of custom SDM components which model specific behavior of a particular application or logical server. It allows architects to define SDM models as thoroughly as possible without additional cost. Such detailed model elaboration facilitates automatic generation of different project artifacts such as deployment descriptors and documentation.


This project consumes the following technologies and methodologies:

System Definition Model (SDM)
Domain Specific Language (DSL)
Windows XML Installer (Wix)
Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT)
T4 Text Template Engine
Software Factory

Feature Releases

Supporting for WCF (Implementation of WCF Service and WCF Client SDM Components)
Implement SDM component designer based on the Domain-Specific Language Model SDK
Implement installation package generation for the newly created component
Supporting Object Browser for SDM References

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